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     Screws into the ground in seconds. Set includes 2 poles, 2 targets, 2 angleballs & equipment bag. FREE DELIVERY.

Angleball ®

Outdoor Set

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     From the makers of Angleball ®, the 14 player fitness sport played by Super Bowl championship NFL teams comes Coolerball & Disc™, our patented, American-made set that plays two new sports for 2 to 12 people! 

     In Coolerball™ paddle the ball through the ring with 3 touches allowed per side. 

     Coolerdisc™ is played 360° around the ring. 1 point is scored through the ring, 2 points if a teammate catches through the ring, and a bonus point from the outer circle! 

     Our first set was built on a water cooler, and the name stuck, now we include a drink cooler with each set! 


     Includes one portable ring with ground spike, 4 paddles, 10 balls, 1 disc, drink cooler & equipment bag! All for only $199 total.  Free delivery & taxes included in price. 

     Includes one portable ring with base, 6 paddles, 20 balls, 1 disc, drink cooler & equipment bag! All for only $249 total! Free delivery & taxes included in price.

     Includes 5 complete Indoor & Outdoor Sets, 30 paddles, 100 balls, 5 discs, 1 super-sized drink cooler & equipment bag! All for only $999 total! Free delivery & taxes included in price.

Coolerball & Disc™

Outdoor Friends & Family Set

Coolerball & Disc™

Indoor & Outdoor Institute Set

Coolerball & Disc™

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